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Japan International DX Contest

==== Now, we have all the PDF certificate since 2005 except the 2013PH. It will be announced here when they will be ready. You can download your PDF certificate here; PDF Cert === If you do not receive past certificates or plaques, please contact JIDX-Chairman(JE1CKA). === Contact If you have any inquiries, please send an email to; je1cka@gmail.com Please indicate "JIDX Contest #Year #Mode #Your-callsign" (ie. JIDX Contest 2015 CW JE1CKA) in the Subject: line. Without this indication, your email will go to spam folder.
You should watch here for further informations.


2014PH Log Deadline: 2014-12-09 1300UTC
CW: 2015-04-11 0700 - 2015-04-12 1300 UTC
PH: 2015-11-14 0700 - 2015-11-15 1300 UTC

 *NEW* 2014 CW Result
 *NEW* 2014 PH Raw Score List
 2014 JIDX Rule [English]
 2014 JIDX Rule [Japanese]

Past Results & Current Rules

JIDX Photo Album
Please QRX for 2007PH photos. They will be added soon.
If you took any photos during JIDX contest, or together with Certificate/Plaque,
please send them to the chairman for this JIDX-PhotoAlbum, Thanks.

What's New

Rules and Past Results(w/All Time Records)

    Do not send your Paper log to JE1CKA, BUT to the following address, PLEASE
    All Paper logs should be sent to 
       JIDX "PHONE/CW" Contest
       P.O.Box 59, Kamata, Tokyo, 144 Japan
    Or Email log
       Please refer Email-Log-Instruction for more informations.

JIDX contest supported Logging Programs

The following programs have been supporting JIDX contest and we committee recommends to use one of them.
If you know any other logging software which support JIDX contest, please let us know.
Free loggers
    N1MM Logger by Tom, N1MM Now the JIDX contest is FULLY supported after V5.10.14. You should chose "JIDXCW" or "JIDXSSB". TR4W: TR-Log for Windows by Dmitriy Gulyaev UA4WLI Windows contest logger based on N6TR's source code. The look and feel are just like "TR". Over 260 TR LOG commands are already supported + 45 new. SD by Paul O'Kane, EI5DI - runs on any WinPC and is free from http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe JA entrants - select SD's "JIDX, JA" template. DX entrants - select SD's "JIDX, DX" template. CtestWin by JI1AQY - runs on any WinPC and is free. JA entrants - select "Japan Int'l DX" DX entrants - sorry NO support yet OBSOLETE Programs; CTWin by Ken, K1EA Sorry,CT does not support JIDX, and NO MORE official support. but you can use CT for the JIDX with this setup. Set the contest type as "ARRL-DX DX-side" You should backup the original "ardxdx.dat" as other name Download the "ardxjidx.dat" and rename it as "ardxdx.dat" Now you can ready for JIDX. CT counts JA-Prefecture as Zone-multi but no correct points/score Click here to download ardxjidx.dat TR-Log by Tree, N6TR ++ This is the DOS program and runs on Windows98SE DOS window, but not good on Win2000/XP or later. QuickScore V1.50 by John, VK4EMM Lux Log By Norby Oberweis (LX1NO/LX9EG/KM6RY) Zlog for Windows V2.0w by Yohei Yokobayashi, JJ1MED/AD6AJ (Japanese only) YP Log by Tony Field, VE6YP WriteLog by Wayne Wright, W5XD Win-Test by Olivier F5MZN If your logging soft has no capability to export your contest log to Cabrillo but ADIF format, ADIF2CBR will be strongly recommended. You can find it at SP7DQR's free software page SP7DQR's free software page
Any other?

JIDX Contest Committee
New Board since 2013-01-01

Sponsor: Toshi KUSANO JA1ELY Ed. of "Five Nine" Magazine
Member: Fumitaka ASAMI JH1AEP
Member: Toshimasa MIKAWA JR7OMD/WI3O
Member: Katsuhiro KONDOU JH1GBZ/JH5GHM
Member: Mutsuhiro NAKASHIGE JG5CBR/1

If you have any inquiry, problems or requests for the JIDX contest,
would you send us the email to the following address?
jidx-committee%jidx.org (Replace % with @, tks)