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OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world(DX) to contact JA stations in 
as many JA prefectures + JD1 islands as possible.
For amateurs in Japan to contact DX stations in as many DXCC entities
and CQ Zones as possible.

Revision note;
2016-02: Awards for USA, 10 districts to each CQ Zones(03,04 & 05).
         Awards for UA9(Asian Russia); One to 3 CQ Zones(16/17, 18 & 19).
         Open log; all the logs will be opened after the log deadline.

    CW Start Sat. 0700 -Sun. 1300UTC 2nd full weekend of April PH Start Sat. 0700 -Sun. 1300UTC 2nd full weekend of November CW 2019-04-13 0700 - 2019-04-14 1300 UTC PH 2019-11-09 0700 - 2019-11-10 1300 UTC
    PH 3.5/7/14/21/28MHz (JAs on 3535-3575, 3599-3612, 3680-3687, 3702-3716 3745-3770, 3791-3805KHz & 7045-7200KHz) CW 1.8/3.5/7/14/21/28MHz (JAs on 1810-1825 & 1907.5-1912.5KHz) Except for the WARC bands.
    **** CHOOSE ONLY ONE! **** 3-1.Single Operator(*1) High Power(*2) Abbreviation = category AB = SINGLE-OP ALL-BAND HIGH-POWER 28 = SINGLE-OP 28MHz SINGLE-BAND HIGH-POWER 21 = SINGLE-OP 21MHz SINGLE-BAND HIGH-POWER 14 = SINGLE-OP 14MHz SINGLE-BAND HIGH-POWER 7 = SINGLE-OP 7MHz SINGLE-BAND HIGH-POWER 3.5 = SINGLE-OP 3.5MHz SINGLE-BAND HIGH-POWER 1.8 = SINGLE-OP 1.8MHz SINGLE-BAND HIGH-POWER 3-2.Single Operator Low Power(*3) ABL = SINGLE-OP ALL-BAND LOW-POWER 28L = SINGLE-OP 28MHz SINGLE-BAND LOW-POWER 21L = SINGLE-OP 21MHz SINGLE-BAND LOW-POWER 14L = SINGLE-OP 14MHz SINGLE-BAND LOW-POWER 7L = SINGLE-OP 7MHz SINGLE-BAND LOW-POWER 3.5L = SINGLE-OP 3.5MHz SINGLE-BAND LOW-POWER 1.8L = SINGLE-OP 1.8MHz SINGLE-BAND LOW-POWER 3-3.Multi Operator (*4) MOP = MULTI-OP (SINGLE-TX ALL-BAND HIGH-POWER) 3-4.Maritime Mobile(*5) MM = MARITIME-MOBILE # All categories, except Multi Op, only one transmitted signal is allowed at any one time. # All stations can use the spotting network(like DXsummit). # No SELF-SPOTTING of any form is allowed in all categories. Self-spotting is defined as generating spots for your contest callsign by yourself. # All stations, except Maritime Mobile, must not change the operating location in entire contest period. # Anyone may only submit one entry in spite of the callsign used. Submission of check logs for operation on other bands or other callsigns are encouraged. # JA stations must sign their call area as "/#" if they operate from different call area against their callsign. *1 Single operator must do all contest related things by himself. +Single-Operator can change bands at any time. +Multiple Single-Operator entries from the same location must use different callsigns. *2 High Power: Output power 100w over *3 Low Power: Output power 100w or less *4 Multi Op station must remain the same band at least 10 minutes when they make the contact on that band (RUNNING station). They can transmit one other band simultaneously only when the station worked is a new multiplier (MULTIPLIER station). The above 10 minutes rule will be applied to each RUNNING station and MULTIPLIER station separately. *5 All Maritime Mobile stations must sign "/MM" after the callsign. They will send CQ-Zone number for exchange with JA stations only. Their scores will be listed in the result but not eligible for the awards.
    JAs : RS(T) + Prefecture number(01 to 50) Others: RS(T) + CQ Zone number You can download the Prefecture number= jidxmult.lst
    Only contacts between JA and DX(+/MM) are worth contest points. (DX-DX, DX-/MM or JA-JA contacts are no point and no multi) 1.8MHz................. 4pts 3.5/3.8MHz ............ 2 points 7MHz, 14MHz and 21MHz.. 1 point 28MHz.................. 2 Points The same station may be worked only once per band. No cross mode, cross band nor repeater contacts are allowed.
    JAs :The number of different DXCC entity (except JD1) and CQ Zone worked on each band. QSO with /MM stations is worth for Point and Zone multi but no Entity multi. Others:The number of different Japanese Prefecture plus Ogasawara Is.(JD1), Minami-Torishima Is.(JD1) and Okino-Torishima Is. worked on each band. Maximum of 50 (See the jidxmult.lst) per band.
    The final score is the result of the (Total QSO points) multiplied by (Total multiplier). Ex. 100 QSO points x 59 multi = 5,900
    ** Only one log is accepted for the result regardless of the callsign used. Email log ** We strongly recommend you to submit the CABRILLO LOG format ** 1. ASCII/Plain Text characters must be used. 2. All sent and received exchanges are to be logged. **DO NOT FORGET TO RECORD YOUR ZONE/PREFECTURE ON EITHER LOG or SUMMARY** 5. Electronic Log: Please follow the ELECTRONIC LOG instructions. You can send your log by email. EMAIL LOG: send the Log file as email attatchement. The instruction [jidxelog-e.html] is here. send your email logs to ---- the following instructions are for Paper logs --- 3. Indicate the new multiplier only the FIRST TIME it is worked on each band. 4. Duplicate contacts on same band must be clearly shown and marked as 0 QSO point. 8-6. Use a separate sheet for each band. Use a separate sheet for Multi Op, RUNNING and MULTI station. 8-7. Each entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet showing all scoring information, class of entries, name and address in BLOCK LETTERS, and a signed declaration that "All contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the entity of operation have been observed. JIDX Contest committee decision is final" 8-8. All entrants, except Electronic Log submittion, are required to submit dupe-check sheets (an alphabetical list of calls worked) for each band if 200 or more QSOs were made on that band, or for all bands if a total of 500 or more QSOs were made.
    Plaques will be awarded to the winners which have donnors. [ The plaque program will be listed here in a month or so] The Single Op/Sigle band plaques will be awarded to the highest scorer regardless of the High/Low power category. ++ If you wish to be the Plaque Donor, please contact Tack, JE1CKA (je1cka ## You can pay the charge by PayPal. (Please change ## to @ for email)
    First(plus 2nd & 3rd, depending on number of entries) place certificate(s) will be awarded in each class in every entity, in each CQ Zones in the USA(03, 04 & 05) and 3 CQ Zones in Asiatic Russia UA9(16/17, 18 & 19) if the station got =SUFFICIENT= score. *What is sufficient? Depending on the band conditions, activities etc, judged by the committee. The certificate will be prepared by PDF file. You can download the file for print. (revised at 2018-02)
    All PAPER logs should be sent to JIDX "PHONE/CW" Contest P.O.Box 22, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8799, Japan Separate addresses for each (Phone & CW) contests NOW!! Please use the following email addresses; CW : Phone: (Log submissions only) The acknowledgment will be sent when the email log is received and the result also will be sent by email. Email Log Submission Guide is available here. CABRILLO FORMAT is recommeneded.
    No later than ONE month after the end of contest. PH 2019-01-31(2018PH only) CW 2019-05-14 PH 2019-12-10(2019 PH) Email log submissions will be judged with the time stamp of the email The deadline will be extended up to 2 weeks if the JIDX contest committee accept the request with the reason by email prior to the deadline. Email:
    Violation of the contest rules. False statement in the report. The decision of the JIDX contest committee is final.
13.Information on the Internet
    You'll be able to get JIDX related informations at the JIDX Official HomePage.
--------- JIDX contest committee chairman Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM Internet:
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